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Data science accelerates your business

In engineering R&D, engineers take great effort based on their knowledge and experience, from material design in a laboratory to mass production process design and quality control system establishment in a plant. Recently, a global trend of utilizing data science is steadily expanding to reduce the R&D cost and increase the efficiency.

However, I realized it difficult to practically utilize data science when I was in a chemical company before. It takes time to acquire programming skills for engineers in R&D. On the other hand, external services are expensive and do not cover engineering fields sufficiently. Even if some numerical solutions are available, there are various problems such as insufficient scientific interpretation.


Therefore, with the aim of providing services that truly promote the use of data science in the chemical and engineering fields, I established Datachemical, Inc. with Hiromasa Kaneko (Associate Professor, Faculty of Science and Technology, Meiji University). We cover technical fields of chemoinformatics (molecular design), materials informatics (material design), and process informatics (process design / management), which have been conducted individually in the past, and provide services that enable high-quality data analysis and machine learning on various technical projects by our customers themselves to improve the total efficiency of engineering R&D from a laboratory to a plant.

Data science is by no means a magical tool that solves everything if you just input your experimental data on a computer, and it is necessary for you to accumulate know-how to utilize data science. We encourage you to experience a series of programs by actually applying your experimental data to our data analysis and machine learning platform, Datachemical LAB. If you already have knowledge of engineering, although you are a beginner of data science, I think you will come up with ideas for utilization one after another. Datachemical LAB will open your viewpoints of chemical R&D.

We will continuously contribute to making the daily work of engineers more efficient by utilizing data science, and to demonstrate their abilities in high-value-added technical projects. Thanks,

Datachemical, Inc.

Representative Director

Officer introduction
Representative Director CEO  Shogo Yoshimaru

After graduating from Miyazaki University Graduate School (major in chemical engineering) in 2010, engaged in polymer material development at Soken Chemical Co., Ltd. Studied abroad temporarily and obtained an MBA from the University of California, San Diego in 2017. After returning to Japan, worked at Soken Chemical Co., Ltd. for overseas business development, domestic sales, and data science project. Started Datachemical, Inc. in 2021 and became the representative director.

Director CTO Hiromasa Kaneko
(Associate Professor, Faculty of Science and Technology, Meiji University)

After completing the doctoral course at the University of Tokyo Graduate School (Department of Chemical Systems Engineering) in 2011, worked as an assistant professor at the Graduate School of Engineering, the University of Tokyo. 

In 2017, he became a full-time lecturer at the Department of Applied Chemistry, Faculty of Science and Technology, Meiji University, and has operated Data Chemical Engineering laboratory (Kaneko's Lab). Became Associate professor since 2020. Started Datachemical, Inc. in 2021 and became the director CTO.

He also serves as a visiting associate professor at the Graduate School of Advanced Science and Technology, Hiroshima University, an invited associate professor at the Research Center for Solar Energy Chemistry, Osaka University, a visiting senior researcher at the Institute of Physical and Chemical Research, and a researcher (part-time) at the Graduate School of Science, Kyoto University.

Company Profile

Company name

Data Chemical Co., Ltd.
(Datachemical, Inc.)


October 18, 2021


Kuwano Building 2F, 6-23-4 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, Japan




Shogo Yoshimaru


Hiromasa Kaneko


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